5 Best Places to Buy WordPress Themes (Compared)


Selecting the right WordPress theme is a critical step in the website development process. Your chosen theme not only defines the visual appeal of your site but also influences its functionality and overall performance. With the vast array of options available, finding the ideal theme can be a daunting task.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore five of the top destinations for purchasing WordPress themes. Each of these theme providers boasts distinct features, pricing structures, and customer support systems. Whether you’re establishing a blog, an e-commerce platform, a creative portfolio, or a corporate website, our in-depth comparison will empower you to make an educated choice.

Join us as we navigate the intricate landscape of WordPress themes, aiding you in discovering the perfect solution for your web project.

ThemeGrill is renowned for offering lightning-fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress themes. Their extensive collection includes themes tailored for businesses, magazines, personal blogs, agencies, online stores, restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, churches, and more.

With over 400,000 websites powered, ThemeGrill presents 16 exceptional themes, 100+ starter sites, and boasts an impressive 3000+ 5-star ratings. All ThemeGrill themes come with multiple starter templates that can be effortlessly imported using the ThemeGrill Demo Importer. Furthermore, their developers continuously work on adding a new starter template every month.

Notable features of ThemeGrill themes include exceptional speed and complete customizability, professional-grade coding, seamless integration with popular page builders, and more.

Most Popular WordPress Themes by ThemeGrill:

  • ColorMag: A magazine/news-oriented theme ideal for news, magazines, newspapers, and publishing websites. ColorMag is cross-browser compatible, easily customizable, and fully supports WooCommerce.

  • eStore: Designed for online stores, eStore is a clean eCommerce WordPress theme. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and offers compatibility with plugins like YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.

ThemeGrill offers two pricing plans. For those seeking a single theme, such as ColorMag Pro, it is available for $69/year for a single-site license. Additionally, ThemeGrill offers a 15% discount on the Single Themes plan.

If you desire all 16 themes, the All Themes Plan costs $99/year and includes 1-year support and updates. Subscribers to this plan also enjoy a 20% discount.

ThemeGrill takes customer support seriously, offering 24/7 assistance. They provide comprehensive documentation and a blog for users seeking self-help solutions. The documentation and blog contain a wealth of informative articles.

Premium users can access live chat support and also benefit from a support ticket system. If you encounter any bugs in your theme or have specific feature requests, ThemeGrill encourages users to report these issues to their developers.

Conclusion on ThemeGrill:

In summary, ThemeGrill stands out for its blazing speed, extensive customization options, and dedicated customer support. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced webmaster, ThemeGrill offers a variety of themes suitable for different niches, making it a solid choice for your WordPress project.

ThemeForest is the largest marketplace for premium themes, offering thousands of themes and templates for your site. Contrary to popular belief, premium themes are available starting at just $2.

ThemeForest is part of the Envato family, a vast network encompassing design, audio, video, and graphics marketplaces. Themes on ThemeForest are neatly categorized and easily searchable.

Best-Selling WordPress Themes by ThemeForest:

  • Avada: The most popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest for several years running, Avada offers flexibility and advanced features like unlimited customization, optimized speed, ultra-high-resolution graphics, and more.
  • BeTheme: A multipurpose responsive WordPress theme that provides 650+ pre-built templates, unlimited menus, and is translation and WooCommerce ready.

ThemeForest Pricing Plan:

Pricing varies based on the theme. For example, Avada costs $60, and BeTheme costs $59. ThemeForest offers themes at different price points, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your budget.

Customer Support on ThemeForest:

ThemeForest provides comprehensive support and detailed documentation to all its customers. The support page features many popular articles related to themes, and users can join the forum and visit the blog page for additional resources.

Since ThemeForest hosts themes from different authors, they’ve made it easy to seek help for a specific theme. By visiting the theme’s page from the ThemeForest homepage, you can access the Support option, FAQs, and even submit support tickets for more personalized assistance.

Conclusion on ThemeForest:

In conclusion, ThemeForest is a vast marketplace with themes to fit any budget. Its intuitive categorization and robust support system make it a go-to choice for those seeking a wide variety of WordPress themes.

Zakra is not just the name of a theme; it’s also a powerful and multipurpose WordPress theme that offers endless possibilities for quick website creation. With over 60,000 satisfied theme users and more than 100 websites empowered daily, Zakra has earned its place among top WordPress theme providers.

The Zakra theme is well-coded with a clean and sleek design. It’s easily customizable using the customizer and individual page settings. Zakra is also page-builder compatible, AMP ready, RTL and translation-ready, and more.

Additionally, Zakra offers a collection of 80+ starter demos suitable for various niche websites. They are ready to provide support whenever you need it, and you can choose between the free version or upgrade to Zakra’s pro version.

Zakra offers four different pricing plans:

  • Personal: $69/year
  • Personal Plus: $89/year
  • Professional: $289/year
  • Developer: $299/year

Additionally, Zakra provides a 30% discount on all these plans.

Customer Support on Zakra:

Zakra offers 24/7 support for its customers. They provide ample documentation, blogs, and FAQs accessible to anyone. If you encounter a bug or error on your site, you can report it, and you can also make feature requests for personalized site enhancements.

Premium users can create support tickets and enjoy live chat with the support team. Zakra’s community Facebook group provides an additional platform to ask questions and share experiences.

Conclusion on Zakra:

In summary, Zakra offers a versatile and well-supported theme for WordPress users. With its affordable pricing, clean design, and a wealth of starter demos, it’s a solid choice for those looking to build various types of websites.

Elegant Themes is home to one of the most popular WordPress themes and page builders globally: the Divi Builder. In addition to themes, Elegant Themes offers premium plugins that enhance website functionality.

Elegant Themes keeps pricing simple, offering everything under a single membership. This membership allows you to install themes and plugins on as many websites as you desire, all covered by a single license. Themes are regularly updated, ensuring you receive new features consistently.

Top Selling WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes:

  • Extra: provides the flexibility to create diverse categories, homepages, and aesthetically pleasing posts. It empowers you to craft engaging and dynamic online publications.
  • Divi: Recognized as one of the best and most popular WordPress themes of all time, Divi revolutionizes website building with its remarkable visual builder technology. It offers over 800 pre-made designs, complete design control, and a multitude of customization options.

Elegant Themes offers two straightforward pricing plans:

  • Yearly Access: Priced at $89/year, this plan grants you access to all themes and plugins for one year. When the year is up, you’ll need to renew your license.

  • Lifetime Access: For a one-time payment of $249, you gain lifetime access to all themes and plugins. This option eliminates the need for annual renewals.

Customer Support on Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes provides 24/7 customer support and maintains an active community. You can reach out to the support team via email for any inquiries. Additionally, they offer comprehensive documentation for self-help. If you prefer more hands-on support, technical assistance is available, and you can also engage in live chat with the team.

Furthermore, Elegant Themes provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your membership, you have the option to request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Conclusion on Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes is synonymous with Divi, a powerful theme and page builder combination. Its simple pricing structure, regular updates, and robust support options make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced web developers.

StudioPress is a notable destination for purchasing WordPress themes, and it’s the force behind the creation of one of the most popular products in the WordPress world: the Genesis Framework.

The Genesis Framework equips you with the essential tools to craft the perfect WordPress website. With over 260,675 satisfied customers, Genesis has powered more than 600,000 websites. Moreover, it boasts a thriving community of over 390,000 active members and developers.

StudioPress themes emphasize simplicity, making them easy to set up and use. Additionally, they offer Genesis blocks and Genesis custom blocks. Apart from themes developed in-house, StudioPress provides themes from third-party developers.

Best WordPress Themes by StudioPress:

  • Authority Pro: An elegant and refined WordPress theme designed for portfolio websites. It features a theme customizer, customizable header, custom page templates, and more.

  • Foodie Pro: A responsive food-focused theme characterized by its fast-loading, bold design. It provides tools for showcasing images and recipes.

StudioPress Pricing Plan:

For a fee of $360 per year, you can access the Pro version, which includes all themes created by StudioPress, as well as third-party themes. This subscription gives you access to their entire theme library.

Customer Support on StudioPress:

StudioPress offers customer support through forums where you can find various topics related to theme issues. Users can also create their own topics for personalized assistance. In addition, StudioPress maintains a Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share experiences with the community.

Furthermore, they provide a Help & Documentation page, offering extensive documentation related to their themes. FAQs are readily available, and for those looking to take their theme to the next level by adding custom code snippets, StudioPress offers resources for that as well.

Conclusion on StudioPress:

To sum it up,  StudioPress is a respected name in the world of WordPress themes, known for the Genesis Framework and its simplicity. With a reasonable annual fee, you gain access to a wealth of themes, both in-house and third-party, making it an attractive choice for WordPress users seeking a straightforward and supported theme solution.


Selecting the perfect WordPress theme is a critical decision in your website development journey. Each of the five platforms discussed in this guide offers a unique set of themes and features, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

In summary, ThemeGrill stands out for its blazing speed, extensive customization options, and dedicated customer support. ThemeForest is a vast marketplace with themes to fit any budget. Zakra offers versatility, affordability, and sleek design. Elegant Themes is synonymous with Divi and offers simplicity, powerful tools, and a money-back guarantee. StudioPress, powered by the Genesis Framework, emphasizes simplicity and offers a diverse range of themes.

Your choice ultimately depends on your project requirements, budget, and personal preferences. Take the time to explore these providers further, compare themes, and read user reviews to make an informed decision. Regardless of your selection, you’re one step closer to crafting a stunning and high-performing WordPress website.